I won’t tell if you won’t: #donttellmum


Father’s day is just around the corner, and a few folks here at We Are Social Singapore have decided to scrap the usual approach–canned phrases, cookie-cutter gifts and Hallmark greeting cards–those gestures that seem applicable to everyone, and yet speak to no one in particular at the same time. Instead, we wanted to celebrate the uniqueness of every relationship with dad, and those unspoken rules that sometimes need to be bent in the name of having a bit of fun.

Like that time when you left the door unlocked, or snuck in after curfew, and he caught you but kept it “between us”. Or that time when you were the one covering for dad, cause he forgot to buy the milk (again!)–those little moments that always ended with a pact: “Don’t tell mum.”

We’re still taking submissions, on both Twitter and Tumblr. If you like what you see, and if you’re keen to get an illustrated dad moment of your own, give us a shout and we’ll do our best to make your Father’s Day extra special this year 🙂