We Are Social Asia Tuesday Tuneup #234

One man, 15 brands, and the wilderness
We’re all about celebrating birthdays and anniversaries with a bang, and we love this one in particular. As part of their 15th year celebrations, Roundhouse decided to take their belief and confidence in their clients’ products to a whole new level, and sent their copywriter into the wilderness for five days.

Armed with only items from the 15 brands on its roster (which unfortunately do not include any food brands except Treehouse Chocolates and Red Bull), Lee embarks on his journey into the wild clad from top to toe in Adidas and Reebok.

We can’t help but admire Lee’s endurance, as well as the amazing shots from his 5-day adventure. Read more here.

The new go-to networking site for C-suites
As Millennials flock to SnapChat and the likes, more professionals are returning to Facebook as a platform to connect with an audience they would not otherwise have access to on other platforms.

Social-savvy execs such as Meg Whitman (CEO of Hewlett Packard Enterprise) and Leila Janah (founder of Sama) are not just using Facebook as a way to humanize their companies, but also to highlight their corporate social responsibility initiatives.

Independent video artists may be paid up to $24,000 per video by Facebook
Back in the day, to broadcast on a platform such as Youtube, your main revenue stream would be from ad views. But now, the power sits with highly sought after content producers. It is reported by Wall Street Journal that Facebook is paying Vine star Jon Paul Piques $119,000 to seal a deal that will see him posting at least five videos on Facebook Live.

Snapchat now allows users to recommend accounts to friends
Many changes have been coming out at a non-stop pace through Snapchat’s door of late. This time round, they have launched a ‘recommend’ option where users can share accounts with their existing contacts.


It’s a fairly stealthy feature added by Snapchat so here’s how to use it: go into your Stories list, tap and hold on someone’s name and then click on the blue arrow on the right hand side. This allows you to send the account to other people as a private chat message.