Internet reacts to Fashion Police video faux pas
The internet reacted last week when Toggle aired a video of a fashion blogger going around town poking fun at the fashion sense of innocent bystanders on Orchard Road.


The video, meant to promote a new segment in Toggle’s web series Double Trouble but had an adverse effect in to the public. Its host, social media personality Saffron Sharpe, who was a finalist in The New Paper New Face contest in 2013, took the brunt of the online onslaught.

One Twitter said: “Saffron Sharpe looks so beautiful until she starts talking.”

Sharpe, 19, had felt uncomfortable doing the video and that some of the comments were not hers, but had been scripted.

“Personally, when they told me about the idea, I felt a bit hesitant at first because I knew it wouldn’t really sit well with the public,” she said.

“But considering the fact that I was already on set, and my friend who got me the job was there, and Belinda seemed really excited about the shoot, I didn’t really want to go against it.

“It was awkward to just walk off and say, ‘I can’t do this’, so I just went along with it.”

Referring to the online criticism, Sharpe said she was surprised to see vitriol like “You’re disgusting” and “You should die”. She said: “I was quite taken aback and some of the statements were quite hurtful. But I put myself out there on social media, so I do expect these (negative comments) to come.”

Describing the incident as a learning experience, Sharpe added: “I’m taking it as a learning step for me rather than worrying about my career because these things can change in time.

Toggle has since took to Facebook to apologize for the boo-boo.

Singapore celebrates SAF day with #HormatSAF
Talk about national service and the general tone is one of lacklustre and complains of how civilians lives get disrupted to serve the nation.

Yet, there a change seems to be happening this year as Singapore celebrated SAF day on the 1st July. As Singapore celebrated the day, servicemen took to social media to show their pride in serving the country.

Brands too, took the opportunity to salute servicemen with promotions curate for them.

For the first time, SAF very cleverly leveraged on Facebook Live video to broadcast the SAF day parade, which was held in restricted military compound. The parade also honoured various combat units which produced a stellar performance throughout the year. Here’s a short video of the parade with it’s pomp.

Internet breaks after McDonald’s launches chicken burger with salted egg yolk gravy

McDonald’s new Singaporean menu items launched on Thursday to long lines but disappointed reviews.

The seasonal items are Singapore-themed: a fried chicken thigh burger with salted egg yolk dressing; salt and pepper crab-flavoured shaker powder for its fries; McFlurry sundae with gula melaka (palm sugar from Malaysia) in it; and a banana version of its usual apple pie dessert.

People have been posting their reviews on Instagram post-lunch, and it appears that most felt the burger didn’t live up to expectations. Some suggested that McDonald’s add more of the golden gravy to amp up the flavour, while some said they wouldn’t order it again.

And so I, like many others joined in the #saltedeggyolk craze @ #mcdonalds Quite disappointed, egg yolk wasn’t salty to begin with. The curry leaves and saltnpepper crab fries were the saving grace. Oh and btw, #androidpay failed on me. What a shame.

A photo posted by Kenneth Ong (@xenon830) on Jun 29, 2016 at 10:45pm PDT

Others gave a very different opinion of the burger:

Highlight of the week! Salted egg! Confirm shiok!!

A photo posted by Kendrick Kum (@kendrickkum) on Jun 29, 2016 at 9:55pm PDT