Snapchat may soon show ads based on images you’re snapping
Been snapping a lot of your Pokemon Go adventures on Snapchat? Well, you might see Pikachu plushie ads popping up for you if Snapchat’s new patent comes through. This sounds very similar to the current contextual ads that we have, which is to show you ads based on your browsing history. The object recognition tech that Snapchat intends to patent could also be applied to advertisers by allowing for bidding rights on certain filters when users are in a specific location. If you ask me, it’s getting a little too close for comfort now with such new ad tech.

Instagram launches Stories for imperfect sharing
Yes, you’re reading it right: Instagram has just launched Stories that works mostly like Snapchat’s Stories.

Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom have openly admitted they’d completely copied it from Snapchat.  He told Techcrunch:
“This isn’t about who invented something. This is about a format, and how you take it to a network and put your own spin on it.”

All that aside, this might be a good thing for end users. As we all know, Instagram has evolved from a simple photo sharing platform to one that is full of high-quality curated content from popular users. Instagram Stories opens up a new avenue for a different form of storytelling such as behind the scenes which might look out of place on a well curated feed.

What do you think about the new Instagram Stories function?

Facebook declares ‘war’ on Clickbait
This news will shock you! Or will it? Well, if you are sick of clickbait then good news, so is Facebook. They will be introducing a new algorithm to help combat clickbait stories and will be hiding them in a similar way to how Gmail filters and hides spam. Good riddance to low effort content, or should I say spam?