Facebook announces Instant Games platform
You can now challenge your friend to a game of pac-man via the Facebook messenger app. By integrating games directly into its popular chat app, Facebook is giving developers a chance to make their games more discoverable outside of the iOS App Store or the Android Google Play market.
Instant Game Platform
Instagram now sends notifications when you take a screenshot

Don’t worry, you can continue to stalk your crush’s instagram without being discovered. Instagram only sends notifications if you screenshot a disappearing photo or video, similar to what Snapchat had awhile back. Just make sure you don’t ‘like’ someone’s post from 30 weeks ago and you should be pretty safe.Instagram screenshot

Twitter Moments goes on mobile
Twitter gave its users the ability to create a narrative in September with “Moments”. Their story-curating feature was only available on the web till recently when Twitter announced that moments will now be available via mobile. Customising and curating your favourite collection of posts is now at the tip of your fingers.twitter-debuts-moments-its-editor-curated-news-stream-2-640x0
Spotify rolls out campaign highlighting weird user habits of 2016
2016 has been filled with weirdness and Spotify recognised that with its latest campaign “Thanks 2016, it’s been weird”. Using aggregated data, Spotify rolled out ads with tongue-in-cheek headlines which playfully highlight some of the weirdest user behaviour of 2016. Spotify has proven that big data is definitely not muting creativity in marketing. Instead, it offers the industry a fresh look on what big data can actually do for them.It's been weird