Facebook Pages can now go live on desktops
Pages no longer require a smartphone or tablet to go live on Facebook, as they can now do it directly via the web. With this change, users can expect more polished videos that are of higher quality as brands now have the luxury of using professional filming equipments. In addition, brands can now assign “Live” contributors who can go live without granting them full admin access.


Instagram rolling out ads between Stories.
Instagram has started testing ads within its Stories feature with a few select brands such as Airbnb and Nike. Although these ads are between 5-15 seconds long, users can still expect a relatively similar experience within Stories as they remain skippable.

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Jetstar Lunar New Year Social Experiment
During the festival period, there has been a growing number of young families and professionals who choose to travel, to avoid relatives, giving ang baos, hassle, etc.

Jetstar conducted a social experiment using this growing trend : If you were given a pair of tickets to travel over the Lunar New Year period, would you take it?

We’ve all seen our fair share of social experiments(and often done just for the sake of it) but in this case it was slightly refreshing to see a brand not pick the most obvious crayon in the box. Jetstar could have given Singaporeans living overseas free flights to be reunited with family members (*cough* tiger *cough* beer) but they chose to have them give up their “wins” instead.

At the end, Jetstar dared to put their money where their mouth is and offered same opportunity to the public – change existing flights during the festive period to a different period for free. Taking it beyond – just another feel good piece.

**Let’s not state the obvious. Most of it was staged.

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