Introducing: #SaltBae
The internet has locked in the first meme of the year with #SaltBae after a video of him slicing an Ottoman steak sent hearts aflutter across the globe. Nusret Gökçe gained widespread popularity with his brooding looks, slick knife skills and, of course, signature seasoning technique. The Turkish chef and restaurateur now has his very own mural, parody videos (see here and here), and over a million followers across his social channels. Not too shabby for a guy who was virtually unknown last year. 2017 looks promising already!


Netflix Fortune

Get your Netflix fortune this Lunar New Year
Known for their unconventional marketing, Netflix does it once again when ushering in the upcoming Lunar New Year. Enter  Your Nexflix Fortune, which plays on the quintessential tradition of finding out one’s fortune for the year based on your zodiac animal. The generator shows you your fortune using clips from Netflix originals, which is not only entertaining, but also gives you a host of new titles to include in your next Netflix binge.


Snapchat integrates new ‘universal’ search function
Snapchat has added a new search feature similar to the universal search function on iPhones – which helps locate everything from apps to conversations via a single search bar. Similarly this new function will help Snapchat users find new accounts to follow, and look beyond their ‘Discover’ page. This simplifies the user experience, and may be key in helping older users get familiar with the app’s notoriously complex interface.


Expedia – Broaden Your Mind
Strategically debuting it’s new TV spot during coverage of the 45th presidential inauguration, Expedia had a very interesting message to share with the world. In this very timely thought-provoking piece, it opens to an aged man answering a young woman’s question, “..we have this need, you and I. From the time we were little. To peek over our neighbour’s fence and once we do, we see there’s wonder waiting on the other side..”. Almost as if referring to the infamous wall that the new president has been wanting to build.

Challenging the atypical inspirational type of travel commercial – we see our female protagonist travelling, having fun, exploring, growing older but also taking part in a protest, helping refugees and fighting for causes she believes in. With the same powerful voice over, “You’ll narrowly influence narrow minds. You’ll bridge continents, puncture prejudice … and look back and see that you’ve made this world a better place.”

Screen Shot 2017-01-23 at 12.16.41 pm

Screen Shot 2017-01-23 at 12.16.05 pm
Travel here is portrayed not by a getaway but as a life-changing ‘the world is bigger than you’ experience. Well done Expedia.