Facebook rolls out more features that mimic Snapchat’s
What are they, you say? First, the new Camera Effects feature now allows you to introduce masks, frames and interactive filters into your photos. Facebook is also in the midst of creating masks (attention advertisers!) for films like Alien: Covenant, Despicable Me 3 and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.

Meanwhile, Facebook will also be rolling out Stories – a visual collection of stories that sits on top of your newsfeed. These stories last only 24 hours. Anonymous viewers are disallowed on this feature, so story publishers will now be notified of other users who are viewing their stories.

Last of all, Facebook’s Direct will allow you to share videos and photos directly to friends. Once it has been received, your friends will be able to play and reply to it. The content however automatically disappears the moment the conversation ends.

Snapchat Makes Their Stories Searchable
This new feature will allow you to search across over 1 million curated Snapchat stories that have been shared by users and brands. The A.I. system backing this feature is capable of organising this content and associating them with relevant keywords. It will also be able to read words in captions, and even elements captured on the image itself.

China’s Bike Sharing App Goes Abroad
A new craze called bike sharing apps is taking hold of China.

These shareable, cheap, and eco-green bikes have become the new trend among students and young professionals in China’s leading cities. All you need to do is your mobile phone to scan a QR code and unlock a nearby bike and you’ll get to ride it for as long as you want. When you’re done with it, you may park it any place you choose, lock it and hand it to the next person. This security system means you do not require assigned docking stations for this concept to work.

Meanwhile some have begun to find success abroad. Mobike, a popular Chinese bike-sharing startup, recently launched its services in Singapore on March 21, marking the firm’s first expansion out of China.