Facebook’s take on virtual reality social interaction 

How much time is too much time spent on Facebook? As if Facebook users have not been dedicating a daily average of 50 minutes to scroll and refresh their newsfeed, Facebook has unveiled a new Virtual Reality (VR) interaction app that takes connecting with friends at a whole new level.

This new platform, Spaces, allows Facebook users to spend time with their friends in an augmented space. From customisable Bitmoji avatars that are created off your Facebook pictures, the immersive platform allows users to chat with one another, take selfies, host a party virtually, video call, create virtual drawings and etcetera.

Visually, Bitmoji interactions on “Spaces” can feel more ‘present’ and interactive, especially useful for business conferences, as opposed to traditional platforms like Skype or Google Hangout.

Whilst the app is very much work in process and as interactive as it sounds, it does seem like an experimental idea that rolls out the potential of social interaction in a virtual environment.
PSA: Instagram now allows you to create your own moodboard-like collection

In case you are delaying that app update in the app store, here is what you should be looking forward to.

Instagram’s latest feature allows users to create their own Pinterest catalog from posts that they have saved or save. You can now create and organise your own collections based on saved posts. Keeping track of posts for future reference or inspiration is now made easier and about time users are able to get the most out of the ‘save-post’ tool.

Google Home now allows for multi-user

Continuing on all things virtual, Google Home now recognises and supports more than one user.

Here’s a recap on how Google Home powered by Google Assistant can help make your life easier: control smart devices at home, plan your day, manage tasks and set reminders, even entertain you on silly requests (identifying bird songs and playing your favourite song).

And now, even more reasons to love the Google Home speaker. The latest update will be able to identify and support multiple users, but also respond to their voices accordingly.