Facebook set to launch their own TV-like shows
According to Business Insider, Facebook has plans to premiere a series of original shows (long- and short-form) next month, with the possible appearance of some A-list celebrities in some of them. They are aiming for a range of content, but supposedly focusing on shows with a focus on teens and sports. One show to look out for is Condé Nast Entertainment’s virtual reality dating show, where a couple’s first dates are conducted over VR before meeting in real life.
Facebook’s new move into video is still in the works but also highly anticipated as an alternative to the big streaming platforms like Netflix. Still premature, but it’s anybody’s guess!

Kraft encourages Mums to ‘Swear Like a Mother’
Mother’s day. A day where brands get to badger people with sentimental messaging about the unbreakable spirits of all mothers. Not Kraft – the mac-and-cheese brand is celebrating the undying affection of moms in the most honest way possible – championing Mums who drop the f-bombs.

The insight behind this idea is that 74% of Mums admit to swearing in front of kids, and “if you’re one of the 26% who say they have never sworn in front of kids, you’re full of s***”, says Melissa Mohr [Enlisted mother, author and swearing expert] in a 90 seconds video spot where potty mouth mothers are given alternatives whenever a string of f-bombs start rising in their chest.

What we love about this is how Kraft displays the world’s toughest job in full, brutal honesty. After all, great parenting isn’t always perfect. Even the best Mums make mistakes. So go on Mummy, don’t hold back, swear like a sailor. Raising us hasn’t been easy, and from the bottom of our hearts, we effing thank you for that.

Toyota’s cars are so safe that their crash test dummies are looking for new jobs
Stan is a crash test dummy with Toyota – no longer.
In this video spot by Saatchi & Saatchi Los Angeles, Stan shares how Toyota’s latest safety features which includes collision detection with automatic braking, and lane drift detection with corrective steering has put him out of a job, and into a bit of a mid-life crisis.
This is a nice approach in creating a human touch around a product that’s so often about speed, reliability and engine power, ironically with the use of an inanimate object.
Watch the full vid here.