Facebook’s latest cover video feature will improve your user experience
Facebook is expanding its array of features with cover videos. Brands will soon have the option to change their cover photo to a cover video. Once video covers are created, they will immediately render when people visit the page. What does this mean for brands? There are endless possibilities – this means brands are one step closer to customising a unique page experience for their fans. Not only can brands leverage on the new video features to make their pages visually stand out, these videos have the potential to create more engaging interactions and hence richer experiences. You can find an example of a cover video on Netflix’s Narcos’ Facebook page. But do keep your eye out as more of such videos will slowly roll out on more and more pages.

Instagram adds new “Paid Partnership” Tag
Instagram is making it easier to see whether a post is a piece of paid promotion by introducing a label which will show up on influencers’ posts. This means influencers will no longer be able to hide behind vague hashtags like #ThankYou[insert brand], #Partner, #Sponsored under a sea of hashtags. Instagram will also be adding analytics so advertisers can measure how users engage with the influencer ad.
This comes after the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) sent 90 warning letters reminding influencers that their paid posts didn’t include sufficient disclosures. 
The feature will be made available in coming months.

Aida’s Raya woe is us (panicking) during a festive season
Just in time for the upcoming Hari Raya, TNB’s advert is sure to put a smile on your face.
In an epic series of ‘unfortunate’ events, the protagonist is seen struggling and persevering to make her long journey back home just in time for Raya – a journey that is faced with multiple challenges, from losing her bus tickets, having extra workload, and family expectations…
The campaign is a timely reminder for us to make a conscious decision and effort to spend quality time with our family and loved ones. So far, the four-minute video has garnered over 8 million views and put a smile on our faces. Be sure to check it out here.