By Candice Novia, Erasmus William, Ayeshah Mirzha

Snapchat Updates Include Backdrops, Voice Filters and PaperClips
1. Backdrops
Users are able to create backdrop on their snaps. This will also allow advertising opportunities for brands to explore in addition to Snapchat’s geofilters & lenses.
2. Voice Filters
An interesting update from Snapchat allows users to add on voice filters without using Snapchat Lenses on their stories. All you have to do is record a video on Snap and tap on the speaker button to pick your favourite voice filters.
3. PaperClips
The most exciting update for advertisers in particular, is the ability to add links to your Stories. Sounds familiar? Yep, it’s Snapchat’s turn to copy features from Instagram. This feature will be useful for influencers & advertisers to work closely and more efficiently in tracking endorsement results. Like Instagram Stories, all you have to do is swipe up and you’ll be redirected to the landing page without having the need to leave the app.

Twitter can reveal a ton about racial and gender inequality
What can Twitter tell us about gender and racial inequality? Quite a lot.
According to a study by researchers at the Federal University of Minas Gerais, the top 1 percent of Twitter users with the most followers comprised of 57% males and 43% females. That’s okay – except that the researchers had surveyed 53% of women and 47% men in total, reflecting a stark gender inequality.

White people were also 16% more likely to follow other white people, while black people were 200% more likely to follow other blacks. Asians on the other hand were the opposite, and were 10% less likely to follow other Asians. You may read more on the study here.

Makcik Chicken Wins Stomachs With More Than A Little Ayam
In Singapore, the humble makcik or “coffeeshop auntie” is a well-revered figure. Why? Because of how well she feeds her ever-hungry, ever-demanding Singaporean foodie children. Singaporeans are known for their ravenous appetites and deep passion for food, so feeding a bunch of sharp-tongued, table-banging customers on a daily basis is never an easy task – but makcik always delivers.

One brand in Singapore has capitalised on this national respect for the makcik, building a brand around her warm, nurturing presence with equal sassy edge. With the right combination of puns, pop-culture references, and endearing quirks, Makcik Chicken shows what’s needed to stand out from the crowd and win the audience. They also take time to respond to comments and shares with their signature brand of humour (extra spicy) and the people are loving it.

Makcik Chicken is a great mix of culture, comedy and clever marketing. Safe to say, ayam impressed. Are you?