Facebook targeting gets close to home (literally)
This new feature will mean that marketers will be able to target ads at those making or influencing purchase decisions in the family. This is possible since Facebook holds lots of personal info about their users already, including marital status, family members declared on profile, and frequency of check-ins. Apart from freaking out ordinary social media consumers, the update is a huge win for marketers who will be able to expand their targeting across the purchase funnel ecosystem – from those influencing the purchase to those making it.

Cargo taps on purchase moments in your Uber ride
Feeling peckish but stuck in traffic? Wahey – a Skittles pack is right here in your Uber ride. And a Quest bar too while we’re at it! This is Cargo, a web-based service which capitalises on those purchase moments when you urgently need one of those random-yet-important items that you forget to carry with you. We’re talking one to two dollar items like candy, protein bars, even tampons and condoms (for different types of urgent moments). The sale items are kept in a case in the partner taxi, which has a code unique to each driver. If the passenger wants to purchase something, he goes online, records the purchase through the code, and everything is paid and recorded via mobile. Driver gets a share of the sale, everyone is happy. Yeah, this is cool. Bet you think so too.

Instagram goes big with Insta Stories for its first global campaign

The massive Instagram Stories campaign, “Stories are Everywhere”, spanned across videos, guerrilla OOH efforts and an actual video festival. Wieden + Kennedy, the agency behind this campaign said that they intentionally wanted to mirror the experience of Instagram Stories, so all executions were short, fun and surprising, even embracing the low-fi-improvisational creativity that Insta users adopt to create their daily content. Check out some of the work here.