Instagram adds a new polling feature to Stories
How this works: Open Instagram Stories, go to your Stickers menu, and select “POLL”. This is where you can type in your question and answers.

Once uploaded, you will begin receiving live answers to your poll, including the names of those who polled for each of their respective answers. All of these will be reflected in your Stories’ Insights.

Singapore Life films Women Giving Birth in New Campaign
Singaporean insurance firm, Singapore Life has launched a new campaign that shows six women giving birth live on camera. They claim to be the first in the nation to do so – which is a nice PR angle to flag to the press, but we’re really more impressed with the execution of the campaign.
Unlike most insurance campaigns, it manages to communicate the message of life as something precious and worth treasuring, without making you cringe from corn overload.
According to a statement from the insurer, “the campaign anchors on the raw emotions when a new life arrives – the love, pain, care and elation of six pairs of real-life parents in the precise moment when their children are born in the operating ward or at home – to remind one of the innate need to celebrate life and protect the people we love”. View the full video here.

Spotted: A Few Braille-iant Campaigns From Thailand

So Braille-iant, you can’t read it. Not unless you read braille.
The Foundation for the Blind in Thailand launched this print ad to raise awareness about providing adequate educational material to blind children. According to a statement, the idea was to get viewers to “encounter the same experience as blind people who cannot read Braille” to communicate the message more effectively.
Another campaign in Bangkok also touched on a similar subject a year ago.

“Touchable Ink” by Samsung involved inventing a special ink that turns printed words on a page into braille on paper, once it’s been placed under heat. This ink can be loaded into any household printer, instantly turning it into a braille printer. The campaign swept up a number awards last year for innovation and creative execution. Read more about it here.