By Vivian Tan, Jeannette Tan, Kristie Neo

You can now share your favourite music on Facebook Messenger via Apple Music
Facebook has announced that they’re integrating Apple Music into Facebook Messenger, allowing subscribers to stream their favourite songs on the messaging platform. This new feature can be used to quickly and easily share songs with family and friends or even to find the perfect playlist to match your mood. Simply search for “Apple Music” from the Messenger home screen and you can start a conversation with the AI-powered bot. You can even send an emoji of your choice to the chatbot and receive a corresponding Apple Music Playlist.

Manulife Covers You Like A Bro
Humour can be difficult to pull off especially when you’re covering dull and grim topics like critical illness insurance. Manulife executes it well in their latest campaign, tapping on a social insight about that one person we all love to hate – the annoying relative, friend and colleague who’s constantly asking you for a favour. Much like this bro, Manulife’s got you covered, particularly during the times you’re so damn needy and annoying. Watch their cheeky video here.

Burger King Fires Up Twitter Game Against Wendy’s
When Wendy’s announced that it was removing its spicy chicken nuggets off its menu, fans started venting on social media. The online disgruntlement grew so massive that it even went to the extent of a Change.org petition to get Wendy’s to bring it back. Burger King meanwhile, was quick to smell an opportunity. The fast-food giant had recently launched spicy chicken nuggets on its menu, and decided to throw Wendy’s some shade by promoting old tweets of complaints on the discontinuation of Wendy’s spicy chicken nuggets. This unconventional yet effective marketing effort invited a lot of buzz online among Twitter users.

And if that burn wasn’t enough, Burger King also ran some less-than-subtle billboards.

It’s a clear win for Burger King this time round. And a pretty savage one at that.