By Jeannette Tan, Vivian Tan, Candice Novia

Facebook Introduces New Poll Feature

Available for both brand Pages and users on iOS, Android, and desktop, users can now create two-option polls on Facebook. Instead of plain text, users are able to add GIFs and photos as responses too. However, votes are not kept anonymous. This new feature is a great way to spark conversation and gather opinions with friends and followers.

To create a poll, go to the status update composer and look for the “Poll” button. While there’s no limit to the length of the questions, responses are limited to 25 characters.

Similar polling features were added to Facebook Messenger in September 2016 and Instagram in October 2017. Facebook also recently acquired the teen-centric social polling app, tbh.

The new iPhone X Face ID twins test emerge with mixed feelings .

After months of hype and endless speculation, the iPhone X is finally here. It’s the first Apple device to include Face ID- a face mapping technology that can be used to unlock your phone. While Apple has proclaimed that this new feature is more secure than Touch ID, it also shared that this isn’t the case for twins and those under the age of 13.

Recently, Mashable ran its test by asking two different sets of identical twins to try to unlock the iPhone X, to see if they could get into their sibling’s iPhone. In both instances of Mashable’s twins test, the iPhone X successfully unlocked using the face of the non-registered twin, teasing the Face ID completely.

Will this be a concern for you? For twins, it might but Apple has said that the feature will only get smarter over time. So in the future more sets of twins might discover that Face ID more accurately tells them apart from their siblings.

Ikea’s Boring (& Effective) Pre-roll Ad

Admit it, when we have the option, we will skip those ads on Youtube.

Advertisers have been told plenty of times on the best practice in creating video ads: the shorter the better, capture attention in the first 3 seconds, etc etc. However, Ikea did the opposite.


The Swedish brand created incredibly long ads that feature normal teenagers going about their everyday life. From a boy washing dishes, to a bunch of guys playing arm wrestling & a young couple trying to make out. These characters break the fourth wall, encouraging viewers to skip the ad from the get go. What’s surprising is the result of 3 minutes average view time and that 39% of viewers complete the ad!

Lesson learned – reverse psychology works.