By Shane Carroll, Iggy Loh, Candice Novia

Christie’s takes “show, don’t tell” to a new level

To trumpet the sale of Leonardo da Vinci’s “Salvator Mundi”, Droga5 chose to let audience emotions tell the entire story. A hidden camera below the painting captured candid reactions from passers-by, which got turned into a 4-minute video. Much like the act of viewing artwork, the spot leaves it open for viewers to form their own interpretations without forcing in a call-to-action – or even showing the painting. The campaign extended to Instagram, displaying audience reactions as portraits and turning the tables on the way users view art on the platform.

Take a look at what the world is watching here.

Instagram May Allow You to Follow #Hashtags Soon!

Running out of profiles to follow and content to #like on Instagram? How about following hashtags?

Instagram is currently testing out a new feature that allows users to follow hashtags instead of regular profiles. This will come in handy when one is searching for inspiration, ideas, or just to have a good laugh. Users will not need to follow multiple profiles or go through the hassle of searching and get to enjoy an influx of content from the hashtag they choose to follow. Or if they are looking for a certain topic but are clueless of who to follow, they can simply follow the topic itself.

If successfully rolled out, brands or advertisers could leverage on this feature to propose more creative work for campaigns or social content to garner attention and drive engagements.

However, considering how popular certain hashtags can be (e.g. #foodporn or #catsofinstagram), the search result can be pretty overwhelming. As such, this feature will be limited to just ‘top post and recent stories’.

Brands Get Creative with Twitter’s 280-Character limit

It’s official. Twitter has rolled out their 280-characters limit globally.

Brands obviously did not waste any time to jump on the bandwagon to engage with their followers and be a part of this craze. From Cookie Monster, to Spotify to Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, here are a few of our favorite tweets:

Which one is your favorite?