By Iggy Loh, Shane Carroll, MeiLi Yeo

‘Try-before-you-buy’ a BMW with Snapchat AR Lens

BMW collaborates with Snapchat for customers to use their latest AR lens to visualise and interact with the new X2 model. All of these can be done at the showroom before they make a purchasing decision. Additionally, users can ‘customise’ the AR version of the car with their preferred colours and ‘adjust to view’ from different angles.

As AR keeps evolving, this new Snapchat feature could possibly bring about a change to how brands or advertisers can engage their customers in a more interactive and innovative way. The only downside to this, as many car lovers would preach is that nothing beats test driving the real deal on the road.

Spotify’s holiday campaign hits the spot again

If it ain’t broke, why fix it? Spotify’s 2016 campaign was so well-received that it decided to roll out an encore.

The platform once again showed just how in touch it is with its audience, using data to eye-catching effect in a series of OOH ads. User behaviour, pop culture and new year’s resolutions intertwine in “2018 Goals” like “Exercise more conventionally than the 46 people who put ‘Slow Hands’ on their running playlists”. Beyond showcasing the minute details of information in their hands, the campaign also shows that sometimes, it’s okay for brands to revisit previous ideas  – as long as they don’t wear out the appetite for them, of course.

Instagram’s testing out a new “Regram” button

If you’re the (lucky or chosen) one, you may have noticed a “Regram” button on your Instagram account.

Instagram is currently testing out a new feature – the “Regram” button for sharing another user’s post on your page. It works similarly like Twitter’s Retweet button, allowing users to share content they like, seen or wish for it to be part of their page. Right now, this feature is set to only appear on selected users.  

Regramming is pretty straightforward, clicking on it allows you to simply re-share a photo and on your profile.

This raises the question of whether users will want to see shared photos from other users or even be using it?

For brands and advertisers, this new feature could be a simpler way for them to share or encourage user-generated content, as well as to build a stronger engagement with their fans and followers.