By Erasmus William Ess, Andy Lim, Ayeshah Mirzha

Facebook releases free music and sound effects for video creators

Facebook is launching a video editing tool “Sound Collection” which offers a selection of free music and sound effects to content creators. This tool will allow the videos created to be clear of copyright infringement.

Facebook will be adding more tracks and effects in the future as the collection grows. Video creators using the service can also take advantage of new discovery tools that allows them to learn more about the different artists, follow those they like and browse the sounds by genre, mood, length and vocals.

Sound Collection comes alongside a slew of other new resources for video makers following the launch of Facebook’s “Creator” app last month that caters to web influencers.

Airbnb developing virtual and augmented reality for your next vacation.

Airbnb, the online marketplace for hospitality services is developing an augmented and virtual reality feature that allows guest to find and navigate rental listings with three-dimensional scans and 360-degree photos.

It makes perfect sense for travellers looking through listings through the VR feature before booking. This could also potentially kickstart a trend for virtual tours for other brands and social platforms.

New Web-Series Anything But BoBo-ring

In a strange twist of fate, a company specialising in fishballs and fishcakes have arguably come out with Singapore’s best web-series of the year. Bobo’s 3 Wishes features a rather predictable storyline, one that every local has heard a million times: Hardworking mother is under appreciated, somehow receives three wishes, uses 2 of them before [SPOILER ALERT] realising that her life was perfect before.

What sets this series apart though, is the delightfully campy Lord Yellowtail – an ultra-sassy genie with a hidden agenda, who carries the story throughout the 5-part series.  Bobo Fish Ball found the right balance of production value and storytelling, and gave it something extra.

We’re not the only ones who think so – in just 2 weeks, this series has garnered over 3 million views and averaged about 1000 shares per episode, with fans eagerly waiting for the next episode.

Not too shabby for what is essentially an ad about fishballs.