By Candice Novia, Rodrigo Bonilla

Snapchat lets users create their own filters

Snapchat has launched Lens Studio for users to create their own version of the viral dancing hot dog lens. Unfortunately, users are only able to create 3D augmented reality figures – not a selfie lens. Selfie lenses are still only available for marketers.

Once users create their 3D augmented lenses, sharing them is simple. Users are able to share their creations by sharing Snap Code to their friends or when users use the lense themselves and posted them, friends can tap to adopt it themselves.

Will this help extend Snapchat usage beyond Gen Z? We shall see.

Facebook now downgrades posts that ask for likes, shares, tags, and comments

Seems like users are not the only ones who get annoyed by “clickbait” content – Facebook is now cracking down on posts that utilise “engagement bait.” Facebook announced on December 18 that a new algorithm can detect posts that ask for a specific interaction from users – either in the form of  likes, shares, tags, or comments – and will place such posts further down in the news feed. Although don’t worry if you are looking for restaurant recommendations in a new city or are encouraging your friends to share your “lost dog” post – the algorithm knows this too and won’t downgrade your post.

Let’s Go Twitter!

Twitter released 2 hilarious spots following a user struggling to create his first Twitter account with the help of a comedian Romesh Ranganathan as a crisis negotiator. The 2nd spot showcase how easy it is for one user to ‘Explore’ different trending topics on Twitter.

What’s concerning is the need for Twitter to explain the basic usage of the platform to the mass after over a decade since its launch.

Perhaps this will solve the social platform’s problems and will help its user growth.