By Vivian Tan, Jeremy Lim, MeiLi Yeo

Instagram users could soon allow you to cross-post stories to WhatsApp

Snapchat may have created the Stories format, but Facebook is taking ownership of it. The social media giant is now working on improving their Stories tool which may allow Instagram users to cross-post their Stories to WhatsApp. This function is currently being tested among some users in Brazil.

What happens is that the Story shows up as a WhatsApp status, which will encrypt and disappear after 24 hours. Users then get an option to tap to share to WhatsApp from Instagram. But, they will still have to select the “send” option to post the story.

If this feature actually rolls out, it will make it a lot easier for users to post their stories on both apps, allowing as many people and friends to see highlights from their day.


VRChat: blurring lines of social

Launched on Steam back in February 2017, VRChat is social community video game, shaping up to be one the internet’s latest internet phenomenon. Like Second Life and Habbo Hotel, players take on virtual avatars, and interact with one another in an ever expanding and engaging world.

The only difference? VRChat is in virtual reality, and currently only compatible with HTC Vive or Oculus Rift. VRChat’s popularity skyrocketed recently due to Youtubers and Twitch streamers bringing in attention to the game. This social game is still in early access, but from its foray, we can clearly see why Facebook has invested billions into virtual reality. Perhaps we’ll all hang out in the virtual world in the future, rather than on your feed or wall.

Winona’s comeback helps to revive L’Oreal’s hair care

The only thing that mattered at this year’s Golden Globe awards was this
L’oreal Commercial.

As strange and bewildering as it seems watching someone twirl their hair for 35 seconds and in preparation for a stage appearance, the advert moves on to reveal the mysterious woman to be Winona Ryder. Her deserving ‘comeback’ at the awards show – only better than before, with beautiful and luscious hair. It then ends off with a cringey tagline, somewhat suggesting a rather untactful comparison of Winona’s career with damaged hair.

And of course, the bizarre commercial received mixed responses on Twitter: