By Erasmus William, Rodrigo Bonilla, Candice Novia

Instagram is testing screenshot alerts for Instagram-stories

In a recent test conducted by Instagram, a notification will prompt users when a follower takes a screenshot of their story. For users who attempt to take a screenshot of a story, they too will see a prompt telling them the next time they screenshot a story, the creator will be notified.

The new alert takes the form of a shutter icon next to the names of the people who viewed your stories. For now, this new feature is only available for a number of users.

Facebook to test a “downvote” button

Over the years, many Facebook users have consistently asked for the addition of a “dislike” button. In February 2016, Facebook added five button reactions to its original “like,” but “dislike” was not one of them, as Mark Zuckerberg felt that such an addition didn’t align with the type of community Facebook wanted to foster. Last week, Facebook announced testing of what seems to be the closest thing to-date to a dislike button – a downvote button for comments. This downvote button is only being tested in a select number of posts on public pages in the U.S., allowing users to alert Facebook of any offensive, misleading, or off-topic comments. If officially launched, the button aims to support Facebook’s desire to protect its community and drive more meaningful interactions on the platform.

Snap Map lives outside of Snapchat

Since Instagram stories was launched in August 2016, Snapchat has struggled to retain and grow its user base. Snapchat’s interface redesign earlier this week has not seemed to help the cause either, receiving immense backlash from the social media community within hours of its launch. But with the introduction of a web version of Snapchat’s Snap Map, could Snapchat regain the crown and share of voice it once had? Unlike the app’s version of Snap Map – which only displays stories for 24 hours – the web version will display stories for 30 days once users share their snap to “Our Story”. It’s still too early to tell, but this web version of the Snap Map could become a key destination for audiences looking to stay up-to-date with the latest news and entertainment around the globe, helping widen Snapchat’s user base.

Facebook changes the way page reach is measured

Facebook is changing the way Pages measure reach to align with paid ads measurement. Before, Pages calculated reach based on how many times a post was delivered in the News Feed, now it will count reach once a post enters a person’s screen. This will ensure consistency in measuring organic and paid content.

Facebook is also changing the layout of Page insights on mobile to ensure a more seamless way to track page performance in a quick glance.