By Isobel Trimble, Candice Novia

Snapchat to Add @ Mention Tagging Feature

Following Instagram’s move 18 months ago, Snapchat is testing the same function to add to their stories platform. Users will be able to tag their friends in their stories, and will also facilitate a less clunky ‘add’ function – allowing them to expand their networks without manually inputting snapcodes in the address book feed. No word on when this will be rolled out to all users just yet.

Instagram and Snapchat removed Giphy library over racist GIFs.

Not even 3 months old, Giphy’s integration in the two social platforms (Snapchat & Instagram) came to an end. It was reported that users have found racist and hateful GIFs on the platform when they search terms such as “crime”. Instagram and Snapchat immediately removed the Giphy library as they started on their investigation before the situation blew up.

Giphy claimed that after investigating, they found a bug in their content moderation filter and have now fixed it. In addition to that, Giphy will also further review and filter all content manually.

Google launched YouTube Studios

YouTube Studios – previously known as Creators Studios – has officially launched after being in beta since June last year.

The revamped platform includes updated features such as three new metrics –  Impressions, Impressions Click-Through rate, and Unique Viewers – and new personalised dashboard for news and informations for creators’ channel.

The Impressions metric will count a thumbnail view as impression whether it’s viewed on the homepage, subscription feed, search and ‘up next’ section. This will indicate the potential reach of creators’ content on YouTube.

Impressions Click-Through Rate metric will show the percentage of impressions on YouTube that turned into views, while Unique Viewers metric will show the estimated number of different people who watch these creators’ videos over time.

The goal of the revamped YouTube Studios is to provide a “one stop shop” for creators to gather data, better insights and information in one dashboard.