By Candice Novia, Rodrigo Bonilla

Instagram makes it easier for advertisers to create Stories ad

Instagram will now be able to transform Instagram Feed ad into vertical format for Stories placement. It is reported that Instagram has a pixel matching technology that “will automatically select a background gradient to turn the ad into a full screen format.” Once an ad creative is transformed from square or landscape into a vertical format, the text copy will be placed underneath the photo and video.

However, if the ad creative is taller than square, the text copy will not be shown. Headlines are also not supported and text fonts can’t be changed or resized. Hashtags and @ mentions are also unclickable.

YouTube introduced Trueview for Reach

YouTube introduced a new buying model called Trueview for Reach to help advertisers reach more audience on YouTube with more flexibility. This differs from the existing Trueview format as advertisers were charged when viewers watched at least 30 seconds or if users click on the video. Trueview for Reach will now let advertisers build in-stream ads with CPM buying that YouTube believes will drive better result in lower cost.

Snapchat repositions itself with new brand film

Last weekend, Snapchat used its first ever TV-spot to unveil its new “family friendly” positioning and expanded target audience – parents. Described as “a camera, where how you feel matters more than how you look” Snapchat’s new values do cater to an older, more mature audience. However, the core concept of the platform itself – disappearing photos and videos – seems to contradict this new positioning and the very motivations parents hold around camera usage. Nevertheless, such an effort to expand its target audience beyond those within the 18-24 age range could save the platform from its ever-dwindling user base.