By Candice Novia & Meili Yeo

Facebook tests new ways to push Facebook Stories

Facebook continues to push for Facebook Stories by implementing 3 new tests.

  1. Facebook status composer on mobile will immediately show an open camera window to make the Stories option more prominent.

  2. Post to Stories will be a default option when users shoot something in Facebook’s augmented reality-equipped Camera.

  3. Facebook Stories will now be featured in a big preview tile on top of the feed, instead of a small preview circles.


Instagram officially rolls out Focus Mode on Stories

After rumors of Instagram adding a “portrait mode” feature, Instagram has officially rolled out the update globally, allowing users to experience “Live Focus” and “Portrait Mode” picture and video effects without having to own smartphones with said camera feature.

If Instagram could create a ‘Portrait Mode’ and ‘Live Focus’ effect on both images and videos, this might mean that users do not need to rely on smartphones like Samsung and Apple to create these effect.



Mariah Carey’s appearance in Hostelworld advert is a sweet, sweet fantasy

Mariah Carey makes an appearance in the new Hostelworld advert – a surprise for many, including the star herself.

The advert begins with her poking fun at her famous diva behaviour when one of her assistants mistakenly books her a hostel instead of (the usual) “beautifully appointed private room in a hotel”. At first, she is seen fuming and highly skeptical of what the hostel has to offer, but is then showed to her private room, fully furnished with modern features, and of course – free wifi. As the diva makes her way up to her room, she encounters a topless man brushing his teeth in the lift. If the situation was any better, the manager then mentions a cocktail bar, which seems to catch her interest. The advert then moves on showing the diva all decked out and taking the stage to perform her hit song Fantasy, accompanied with gold sequins and doves. It then ends off with her embracing the hostel lifestyle – a juxtaposition of what Mariah Carey maybe known for her diva status and demands.

Kudos to Mariah for making a spoof of herself – so many divas can’t do so themselves!

Check out the hilarious advert starring our all-time favourite diva here