By Iggy Loh, Natasha Chew, Shane Carroll

Instagram Can Tell How Much Time You Spend on the Platform

Ever wonder how much time you actually spend browsing on Instagram? Probably too much. Instagram will soon be able to tell you that information and much more. This feature, still a work-in-progress, has a hidden code within the Instagram Android app that is able to track and provide usage insights.

Besides that, the code will see other new features being added onto the platform such as an Emoji Bar – users will be able to add their favorite emoji with a tap and tag their friends easily with the ‘@‘ button. For now, it’s not sure how significant or valuable this insight will be – perhaps it’s to encourage users to use the app more purposefully and a reminder for all to spend their time better.  Could this be a good time for #digitaldetox?

Twitter ups video content game with new and renewed partnerships

The platform, which has daily video views nearly doubling since last year, has just announced new and renewed video partnerships with over 30 companies, ranging across different industries including entertainment, gaming, sports and news. These contracts are almost twice the number of deals they’ve had in 2017. Partners include BuzzFeed News, ESPN, NBCUniversal and Viacom.

These collaborations will expand opportunities for advertisers to connect via trending cultural moments and content. Twitter’s Global VP of Revenue and Content Partnerships,  Matthew Derella, believes the company’s superpower is that it is the “only place where conversation is tied to video and the biggest live moments, giving brands the unique ability to connect with leaned in consumers who are shaping culture“.  

Deadpool is still marketing’s most beloved mercenary

If there’s just one thing smarter than Deadpool’s mouth, it’s the way Twentieth Century Fox has been deploying him throughout advertising. Never mind the extensive campaigns for the Deadpool 2 movie (and its prequel): the character’s real stroke of genius is in the way he’s appeared in partnerships with other brands.

The studio initiated a war-room approach with brand and agency partners 18 months before the release of the film, not only ensuring that the character’s tone and voice were accurately represented, but that each brand would own a unique campaign and its own space amidst buzz around the film. This commitment was extended on the social sphere via Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds’ Twitter account – with Reynolds staying in character to both sustain conversations, and amplify campaigns once they rolled out.

With the market arguably becoming saturated with superhero franchises, it is Twentieth Century Fox’s considered, savvy approach to the character that is elevating its property far above the rest.