By Erasmus William & Ayeshah Mirzha

Instagram now lets you mute accounts without unfollowing them

Instagram has added a mute feature for people who want to mute posts from a followed account, without actually having to un-follow them.

However, this does not mean that you are totally ignoring that particular account. Users can still see posts on the mute account’s profile page and get notified about comments or posts they are tagged in.

This new muting feature offers users a more customized personal experience to see posts they actually want to see.     


McDonald’s latest ad hits right in the feels

McDonald’s Singapore’s latest viral advertisement has gotten people somewhat confused – are we really sobbing over a box of nuggets?

Released just before the start of the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan as per previous years, the ad follows Malay-Muslim delivery McDelivery guy Zul, as he goes about his day while fasting.

Our chipper young hero manages to smile despite the many challenges he faces – lifts being out of order, braving the elements without – and still goes out of his way to help out others in need despite being tired. At the end of the video, Zul’s kindness is repaid by a nice old man – who offers him some of the food he had delivered – just in time for buka (breaking of the fast).

The ad performed as well as it did primarily because it exemplifies a simple way for the audience to share kindness – so much so, people halfway across the world found themselves moved to tears despite it not being a familiar setting for them.

Locally, the ad uses Singapore’s multi-ethnic/multi-religious makeup as a starting point to draw people into the ad, and strengthens this with our quintessential Abang Rider (delivery guy). The result:  a super relatable advertisement, with an equally heartwarming end. We’re lovin’ it.

Check out the spot here.


MAC Cosmetic’s latest tutorial gets roasted on Twitter

On to another ad that perhaps didn’t quite hit the mark – MAC Cosmetics’ latest tutorial for a glam Suhoor Look garnered lots of giggles from the online Muslim community all over the world. Suhoor is the pre-dawn meal taken before a full day of fasting.

Most netizens were convinced that MAC had mixed-up Suhoor with Iftar (the meal one breaks fast with) as most could not fathom having to put on a full face of makeup way before the sun rises.

Some were also concerned about the commercialization of Ramadan, arguing that such opulence is inappropriate in a month where Muslims are encouraged to make do with less.

However it was later revealed that this tutorial was meant specifically for the Middle East – where surprise, surprise, pre-dawn Suhoor parties are actually a thing!

Nevertheless the reaction to this tutorial videos was so strong that MAC Cosmetics has removed it from their Facebook page. This could have been avoided by perhaps using more precise targeting for this post in order to avoid some of the backlash it received.

Media buying is especially important for brands wanting to capture the Muslim market during the holy month, particularly for countries with high levels of diversity like Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Needless to say, it’s also of paramount importance that bands also check the propriety and cultural relevance of content they plan to push out, especially when they are tied to religious or cultural practices.