By Natasha Chew, Shane Carroll, Rodrigo Bonilla


Instagram is testing a “remove follower” feature on the app

For users who opt for a public profile on Instagram, there is now a more subtle way to choose who sees your content and who doesn’t. Currently being tested among Android users, a new “remove follower” button has been added on the platform.  Unlike the “block” feature, this “remove” feature does not notify the removed user that they have been taken off the page’s follower list, giving page owners a less “aggressive” way of disconnecting from unwanted followers. All in all, this latest feature provides users who choose to maintain a public page a way to manage their pool of followers without having to resort to a private profile.


Instagram launches new update for friends to see others’ online status

Instagram’s latest update now allows users to see which friends are currently active on the app, provided you have talked to the specific users before through Direct Message, or are followed by them. For users that are online, a green dot will appear next to their profile photos.

For those who wish to be more discrete on the platform, Instagram also gives users the option of hiding their online status – but in doing so, simultaneously giving up their ability to see which friends are active.

KFC made 700,000 people stare at cats and Colonel Sanders for 4 hours

Like it or not, Facebook feeds are filled with a fascination for felines. And that’s probably all the justification KFC needed to launch a 4-hour Facebook Live video of cats crawling in and out of a giant Colonel Sanders climber. Whether you think it’s cute, crazy or downright creepy, it got them exactly what they were looking for: 700,000 people tuned in, interacting with the kittens via comments and a series of options tied to Facebook reactions – and staring at the brand’s shameless mascot the entire time.

KFC also used the opportunity for a more serious (and noble) purpose: urging viewers to adopt a cat from the Heaven on Earth Society of Animals shelter in Los Angeles.