By YouQuan Fu, Sebastian Leow, and Rodrigo Bonilla

Snapchat’s December Report is now here

Snapchat has just released the latest version of its monthly report, SnapChatter, for December 2018. Though the report contains a broad overview of topics trending globally, it focuses primarily on the U.S. – home of Snapchat’s largest user base. From U.S. Trending Topics, Trending Entertainment, Trending Celebrities, to even Trending Slang, the report provides key insights that could be beneficial for brands looking to connect with younger “Gen Z” users.

Check out the report here.

Up your visual game with this Shutterstock colour trends guide

There’s no doubt that visuals – and colors,  in particular – play a very important role in any piece of content, and are key to connecting with audiences. This is where Shutterstock’s Color Trends can come in handy, synthesising data from millions of daily image searches within its colossal library of 100 billion images. Based on this information, the Trends Report delves into the most popular colors based on different countries, as well as outlines the fastest growing colours trending globally.

The report can be found here:


Twitter is considering going back to its roots

Facing stagnating growth and user engagement as a “micro-blogging” platform, Twitter is now looking to go back to its roots as a text-message based social network. Keith Coleman, Twitter’s Vice President of Product announced over the weekend that the company is considering becoming more of a messaging / chat platform, complete with features such as chat bubbles and online status indicators. Coleman also explained his desire to make the platform more intuitive, with features that encourage engagement or reactions to certain events by prompting status updates for example. While Twitter’s final plans have yet to be determined, Coleman is confident that such features will be available within the next year.