By Fu YouQuan, Jessica Chen, Yeo Mei Li

LinkedIn Releases Their Own Version of Post Reactions

Platforms have increasingly been on a roll in exploring different ways to amplify user experiences. LinkedIn recently rolled out a set of reactions that allows users to have more expressive ways beyond just the simple “Like” to respond to the posts they see on their feed.

The reactions are slightly different than the ones on Facebook due to the nature and content of LinkedIn. Apart from “Like” and “Love”, you can now use “Celebrate, Insightful or Curious” to quickly and constructively react to a post. This new development can also help advertisers understand which type of content would be most valuable to their audience.

YouTube Wants You to Choose Your Own Adventure

YouTube is currently exploring new, interactive content that will make themselves a direct competitor to high-end interactive programming like Bandersnatch and You Vs. Wild from Netflix. This is not the first time YouTube has set foot in the interactive territory. Last year, interactive ad formats were launched to let viewers engage with content and even make purchases without having to leave the platform.

YouTube has mentioned that this program will predominantly be driven by interactivity, with product features integrated in both scripted and unscripted content.

Facebook Prototypes Swipe-Based News Feed Posts & Stories

Facebook is potentially testing a new feature upgrade – swipe-based navigation for News Feed posts and Stories. Similar to Carousel Cards, it is expected that users will be seeing horizontal swipeable cards as a new way to browse through content on their News Feed. In an unreleased version, a hybrid Carousel was seen – containing both News Feed and Stories posts.

With Stories growing exponentially and more platforms increasingly incorporating swipe-based navigation, it’d be no surprise if Facebook actually decides to implement this new feature in the near future.