Written by Ashleigh Sim, Ernie Sulastri and Tricia Lee

No need to storm Area 51 to find out, brands got the answers.

1.2 million people have signed up to storm the iconic Area 51, which has been the centre of alien conspiracy theories. In an instant, the internet unified and generated countless memes and Area 51 content. 

Jumping on the bandwagon, many brands quickly reacted to the trend with posts on Twitter, Facebook, reddit etc. These real-time responses from brands is a testament that responsive messaging is definitely the way forward – It’s how brands are trying to make themselves relevant and drive social conversations and traffic to their brand

You’ll soon be able to hide replies to your Twitter posts

Twitter is experimenting with a new feature where users have more control over which comments are visible in the conversations they start. While looking at replies to one’s tweet, the user will be able to select any of them and hit the “hide reply” option if they feel that comment is irrelevant or is derailing from the initial conversation.


However, there are two points of views with the current implementation — one, critical viewpoints or any fact-checking within the thread might be hidden away, and two, users will now have to wade through potentially trollish, hateful and abusive content to hide replies. 

Twitter is testing this new feature, rolling it out to users in Canda starting next week. Twitter representatives emphasized that the social network is still looking for ways to improve and perfect the feature: “By testing it in one country, we want to get feedback and better understand how this tool can improve before it’s available globally.”

Thanks to Twitter, we may be on our way to becoming more responsible on the social sphere, building an engaged digital team culture across all social media platforms. A little step like this is how we can change the world without donations and stand a chance of improving the world, making it into a better and healthier place.

Things get Strange with Google Lens


With the release of Stranger Things Season 3 on Netflix, the hit TV series has partnered up with Google Lens to provide their audience with a unique advertisement experience. 

Tapping on the Google Lens augmented reality (AR) search tool, they have managed to bring the print advertisement to life! Those who purchased a copy of the New York Times just need to point their devices in the direction if any of the 3 Netflix advertisements about Starcourt Mall (a mall from Stranger Things) to bring it from 2D to 3D.With AR being a new area that many brands have yet to venture into, there could be potential takeaways from this Google Lens X Stranger Things collaboration that could be applied in the future.