Written by Tricia Lee, Ernie Sulastri and Lee Ai Yun.

Twitter is making it easier to keep up with your favourite trends

Social media platforms are now more than just a place where you can share your #OOTDs and share updates on your daily life. 

It is becoming a place where people can follow all kinds of topics, and even generate discussions from. 

Recently, Twitter has been testing 2 new shortcuts that lead directly to your bookmarks or lists tabs so that you can access these pages regardless of which screen you are on.

With these new shortcuts, we believe that this will increase the number of tweets discovered and even garner more real-time conversations too.

Help #SaveOurOceans — One TikTok video at a time.


Tik Tok teamed up with Conservation International to promote the #SaveOurOceans challenge, focusing on protecting oceans, plastic pollution in water, marine ecosystems and the people whose lives and livelihoods depend on them. 

TikTok users have the option to add an ocean effect filter to their videos and upload them with the #SaveOurOceans hashtag. It lets them virtually clean plastic out of the ocean and as a gesture in return, TikTok will donate $2 to Conservation International for every video uploaded.

Bryan Thoensen, Tik Tok’s head of content partnership quoted, “TikTok’s global community allows users to showcase and enjoy creative, everyday moments through video. We’re thrilled to partner with Conservation International on the #SaveOurOceans challenge, which empowers our community to creatively show their commitment to clean oceans and raise awareness for the importance of protecting a global resource.”

So, let’s together upload those creative videos and make a pact to protect our oceans for a better future. 

Discover tab to be removed as Facebook introduces new tools for Messenger


“We want to make it more seamless for people to reach out to businesses on Messenger in places where they’re already looking to connect,” explains Facebook

Facebook has officially introduced a new suite of tools for businesses on Messenger today, including appointment booking, lead generation amongst others. This was announced earlier this year at the F8 developer conference. Together with these new tools, Facebook will also be slowly phasing out the Discover tab in Messenger in the months to come.


The lead-generation product will be launching as a Messenger template within Facebook Ads Manager sometime this week. It will let businesses create automated experiences to qualify their leads in Messenger and to either continue conversations in the app or integrate with existing CRM tools to track these leads. 

The feature has been in beta following F8, but will be made available to the public from today onwards.