Written by Tricia Lee, Marina Melikyan, Joey Peng and Lee Ai Yun.

YouTube lends a hand to the creators: filter through comments within YouTube studio

If you’re a brand or a content creator, it’s crucial that you’re well informed about the kinds of conversations that are happening around your videos, the best way to do so, would be to keep track of the comments that you are getting.

YouTube Comment Filters

YouTube recently released a new feature that allows creators to filter through their comments to react to those that are the most relevant to them. 

Creators can filter their comments by the following:

These new filters would put an interesting spin on driving user engagement as it allows creators to deep dive into what their different audience groups are thinking /talking about. 

‘Swipe up’ to chat with your favourite brands. 

If you’re swiping through your stories feed, there’s a new feature across Instagram, Facebook and messenger that may significantly benefit your experience. It’s also a huge plus for advertisings. 

Facebook’s family of social media apps are introducing yet another helpful feature that will help advertisers extend their reach and attract more customers. This time it’s about opening conversations. Businesses of any sizes are now able to use the Click to Messenger ads to answer questions about their product, generate leads and provide support.

Every month, there are over 2 billion messages being sent between people and businesses on Messenger; the introduction of the new feature enables advertisers to generate campaigns that will take advantage of the power of messaging. More people will be likely to contact your business which will, in turn, increase the value of your campaigns. With this new feature, the transition from consideration to action has never been easier.

Instagram’s Now Testing New AR ‘Try On’ Ads with Selected Advertisers

As Instagram shifts further into eCommerce, it’s also looking to provide more advanced ad options, in order to help retailers maximize engagement and response.

And that includes AR functionality – as reported by Mashable, Instagram has now launched a new test of AR ‘try on’ ads with selected brands, through which users will be able to actively engage with the advertised product virtually and see how it looks.

Instagram’s version, built on Facebook’s Spark AR platform, looks a bit slicker and more refined, which likely comes from the extra time in development, but is also probably more of a requirement to fit into Instagram’s aesthetic focus.  

The new AR try-on tools will be available via selected ads from the noted partners, and users will be able to share these experiences via Instagram Stories, spreading the word. 

It’s an interesting addition, particularly on Instagram, given the audience’s interest in Stories and associated advanced visual tools. That could make it a great option for Instagram campaigns. It will require additional platform expertize to create such experiences, but you can imagine that they will prove popular, expanding your Instagram ad potential.

Say goodbye to the “Following” tab on Instagram

The Following tab, or better known as a stalking tool for users to check up on their follower’s activities, is being removed by Instagram for good. What was originally intended to be a feature that aided users to discover new accounts was mostly used to catch “micro-cheating” activity with the transparency it brought to our online lives. The feature allowed others to see another person, who was in a committed relationship, spending a little too much time liking someone else’s posts, commenting and liking an ex’s content or even chatting with a series of potential “backup partners” on a regular basis.

Instagram also further elaborates that the Explore tab is the go-to place for users to explore new accounts, places and hashtags to follow as opposed to the Following tab, which most people forgot was even there in the first place. Combined, all these factors led to the shutdown of the Following Tab. It’s, after all, notoriously known as a creepy tool with no significant value or benefit. For that, we bid the Following tab goodbye.

Instagram announced this change today but many users have already lost access to the tab and it will take the rest of the week for this rollout to complete. Once it’s been removed, you’ll only be able to view your own activity when you click on the Heart button.