Written by Jeremy Lim, Tricia Lee and Melantha Tan.

Say hello to the new Facebook company brand

Starting as an app 15 years ago sprouting from the idea to connect people online, Facebook now offers a suite of products which not only helps people to connect with friends and family but also for people to explore communities and grow their businesses.

Facebook announced its company branding update just yesterday, with a new company logo to better distinguish the company itself from the Facebook app, which will keep its own branding. 

This new branding is designed for clarity, using custom typography and text capitalisation to create a visual differentiation between company and app. 

Facebook’s main services include the Facebook app, Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, Oculus, Workplace, Portal and Calibra–these apps and technologies have been sharing infrastructure for a long time with various teams working together frequently.

Facebook redesign

The company has been adding company endorsement to products like Oculus, Workplace and Portal years ago and have begun to include “from Facebook” within all its apps in June. Facebook will be starting to use its new brand within its products and marketing materials, including a new company website. 

Facebook sees this change in branding as a more effective way of communicating its ownership structure to people and businesses using its services to connect, share, build community and growing their audiences.

Instagram’s Testing a New Option To Remove Cross-posted Stories 

The usage of stories is on the rise and many accounts that have adopted the habit of cross-posting as a means to amplify their content further. However, having to remove content from each platform, specifically, can be troublesome and time-consumer. As such, Instagram is testing out a new feature to better manage Stories content across platforms — reverse engineering pro, Jane Manchun Wong spotted the “Delete Everywhere” function that allows users to remove stories on all platforms with one click.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has previously noted that Stories are on track to surpass feed sharing. Given this, it makes sense for the social media giant to add in new functionalities like this to cater to such usage.

LinkedIn debuts Events hub

The professional network began a pilot program last November. Now, after months of refinement, LinkedIn finally rolled out ‘Events’ for members to plan, announce and invite connections to meetups and other get-togethers, in the physical world.


The feature — which will appear as a menu item on LinkedIn’s website and mobile app — is rolling out first in English-speaking countries starting October 17, with the aim to expand it to further non-English markets soon after that.

Users looking to create an event can locate the new feature on the left, click ‘+’,  at which point they will be prompted to enter the event’s description, date, time and venue. Connections can then be invited, and filters such as location, company, industry and school can help LinkedIn members compile those invitation lists. Ajay Datta, head of product for LinkedIn India, also suggests sharing the event as a post to leverage the power of the feed to reach relevant attendees. This new tool has great potential to boost attendance and awareness of professional events and if this starts to see traction, we could be seeing a bunch of new add-ons (i.e. venue booking system.)