Written by Ernie Sulastri, Jeremy Lim and Tricia Lee.

Fun with Snapchat Cameos!

Snapchat is developing a new fun interactive feature, which will let digital users use their selfies to replace the faces of people in the video template. You can then share it with your circle of friends and families, exported in GIFS. As similar as Bitmoji, Snapchat Cameos are much more of a fun way to convey your emotions, reaction or silly moments using your selfies, instead of normally expressing it with the normal GIFs.


Snapchat has made 150 looping short video clips with sounds that users can browse and opt for – spoilt for choice. There will be new ones released every week. They can show you flaunting your cash, dancing like crazy, falling asleep and many more to choose from. Simply pick one of the videos that sparks you, and send it to your chat. Users may even have the options to enable multi-friends Cameo to see themselves with their friends. Brace yourself and level up your selfies for a fun new spin on Snapchat Cameo! 

New Twitter Privacy Center Explains The Fate of User Data

Like many social networks in recent times, Twitter is no stranger to privacy breaches, from leaking user credentials to inappropriate targeted ads

However, Twitter is taking a more proactive approach to the “We take your privacy seriously” cliche, by launching a “Privacy Center” that serves as a centralized resource for all its privacy and data protection-related efforts. It is essentially a consumer-facing website that pools together all of Twitter’s work in this area, which is also easy to navigate and use – a somewhat more transparent approach than efforts months, or years before. 

This comes amid a backdrop of impending privacy regulations and antitrust complaints, which might eventually transform major social networks into different companies we know today.

Instagram introduces content restrictions

Instagram recently rolled out an updated process when signing up for a new account. 

This week Instagram rolled out a new process where new users are required to verify that they are at least 13 years old by entering their birth date when they sign up. This is to prevent underage individuals from being exposed to non age-appropriate content on the platform.

Even though this update won’t completely prevent underaged users from signing up, it does create another barrier between them and the platform. 

Additionally, they are also in the testing phase of a “minimum age” requirement for all Instagram business accounts. As it is mandatory for business accounts to have some sort of personal information (ie. contact number or email) keyed into Instagram, it opens up young users to even more threats with all their personal information for anyone to take. 

Social media is definitely a place where young minds can be easily influenced, where anyone and everyone has access to your personal information. Hopefully, these measures that Instagram are implementing makes social media a safer place for all users.