Written by Denicia Lew, Wei Rong Loh and Tricia Lee.

TikTok Adds A Voiceover Feature For You To Flex Your Creative Muscle.

TikTok has just launched a new voiceover tool which will allow users to add their voice to any video they make. 

To add a voiceover to your TikTok video, start recording and continue to the editing page. Then tap on the microphone icon labeled “recording”, click the record button, and start recording that sweet narration or commentary!

The new tool opens up the doors to many creators to countless new formats of videos, from tutorials to narrations and many more. As TikTok commented in a blog post, “Voiceovers have been used in visual storytelling for years and offer creators a way to expand inner monologues, interesting perspectives, and character development within a narrative… Whether they’re narrating a story, adding their own voice to a song or simply describing what’s seen on camera, creators can use this new feature in countless ways to help make engaging content.”

Instagram Live Streams Can Now Be Viewed on Desktop

Tired of trying to watch Instagram Live videos on your phone screen, as comments and emoji reactions overwhelm whatever you’re watching? 

Great news: Instagram Live is now available through the web, and the viewing experience is much better. 

The web version’s functionality is similar to the phone app, but it separates comments and emoji reactions to the side instead of overlaying the video. Finding live videos is as easy on the app as well – simply look for the little magenta-colored rectangle that says “LIVE.”


That said, there is still no way to publish your own content through the web, nor is there a way to go live or add to Stories through the desktop site.

LinkedIn Tests Poll Option For Posts And Hashtag Tool

It was recently discovered that there may be few new features in LinkedIn’s pipeline – LinkedIn Polls and the new ‘Presentation Mode’ hashtag.

The upcoming LinkedIn poll format post, similar to that on Twitter, will enable users to post a question with up to 4 options for their audience to select from. This could potentially bring value to B2B advertising as it allows the brands to better understand the interest of their audience by gathering their point of view on a certain topic. 

Additionally, LinkedIn is testing a new hashtag ‘presentation mode’ which allows users to view conversations under a certain hashtag in a full-screen format, almost similar to TweetDeck’s layout. To access this, you’ll need to go to a specific hashtag feed on desktop and click on the option “Enter fullscreen presentation mode” at the bottom of the drop-down list.

At the moment there’s nothing official, it’s unclear if and when they’ll be released, but they look pretty well developed. Nonetheless, these features are potentially useful for brands to stay on top of relevant/trending topics and interact with their audience.

Disclaimer: Featured Image taken from Business Insider.