Written by Tricia Lee, Yeo Yong Lun and YouQuan Fu.

Give back with Instagram in the #MonthofGood

Ramadan, a time when the Muslim community comes together to give back, reflect and connect with their loved ones, it is observed by over 2 billion people worldwide, making it a key cultural moment of the year. However, with the restrictions implemented due to the global pandemic, it changes how they will celebrate it in 2020. 

Despite not being able to physically be together during these trying times, Instagram launched the #MonthofGood initiative in hopes to lift spirits, spread joy and bring the community together. Users are encouraged to share their acts of kindness, no matter how big or small with the hashtag #MonthofGood. 

Some ideas from Instagram include supporting local businesses, giving thanks to frontline workers, sharing memories of past Ramadan celebrations and adding a donation sticker to raise money for the needy.

Additionally, they are also bringing back the Ramadan Lantern effect with greetings in English, Arabic, Bahasa, Turkish and Farsi, you can find this filter on your stories.

Soon, you can easily see all the retweets with comments on your tweets!

Interested to find out what people are saying about your tweets? Twitter is testing out a new feature that enables users to easily see all of a tweet’s retweets that include a comment!


Spotted by a user and later confirmed by Twitter’s product lead Kayvon Beykpour, people can now quickly go on to a tweet, click on the retweet button and the new feature will pop up – detailing how many normal retweets and retweets with comments there are.

Previously, the only other way to track retweets with comments was to tag @QuotedReplies, which would then send an automated link to pre-filled Twitter results.

While this feature isn’t available for everyone just yet, it will certainly benefit brands and influencers who are looking to monitor what people are about their content. 

Or at the same time, you can also use it to stalk and see what people are saying about you 👀.

Facebook launches Messenger Rooms with privacy and safety in mind

With the global pandemic on-going, most of us are staying at home, using video-conferencing to connect with one another. Popular video chat apps like Zoom and House Party have recently been reported with privacy and security issues. 

“A lot of the time that I’ve spent on this over the last few weeks as we’ve been building this out and getting ready to ship has been on privacy, security, integrity reviews, and how do we make sure that a lot of the use cases that have been problematic around Zoom are not going to be things that are replicated here,” explains Mark Zuckerberg.

Messenger Rooms is a new video-calling feature that allows up to 50 users to connect online. It’s free for all, no call time limit, and you don’t even need a Facebook account to use it. You can invite anyone to join via WhatsApp, Instagram, or Facebook. Having a video chat with peace of mind.