Written by Lee Ai Yun, Ernie Sulastri and Jeremy Lim.

Travis Scott’s ‘Astronomical’ Virtual Concert on Fortnite had over 12 Million in Attendance

If you haven’t already heard, Travis Scott held a virtual concert on Fortnite, and 12.3 million battle royale players attended.

Part of a series of virtual concerts, Travis Scott’s concert broke the all-time record for the most number of concurrent players participating on Fortnite. The preceding record was held by Marshmello’s Fornite concert in 2019, with a total of 10.7 million virtual participants.

Astronomical’ ran over several dates from 23 – 25 April across different time zones. Surreal and spectacular, a giant-sized Travis Scoot walked through the game and also premiered a new song of his at his virtual concert.

Players who attended the show were gifted a special Astroworld Cyclone Glider and two loading screens as well as concert “merch” – a Travis Scott skin, themed cosmetics, and emotes that were made available in the in-game item shop. A few Travis Scott-themed challenges were also created for players to compete and earn in-game items.

Level up your Instagram Stories with New fonts

A quick update on the Instagram stories feature that will soon be available! Instagrammers can look forward to switching up the various fonts and selecting the one you like the most. By introducing more choices of creative “Type” mode or styles, the platform creates a new way to add your personality and artistic vibe to your Instagram stories. 

New background effects are also included in this upcoming feature which enables your text to stand out. Get ready for the new feature ‘Type’, get expressive and spice up your Instagram stories. 

In addition to the new fonts, Instagram is also working on a new “DM Me” sticker. This feature would serve as a prompt for the IG story viewers, and when clicked on, it will lead them to the direct message page within the platform.

LinkedIn Releases New Tools for Virtual Job Interviews

LinkedIn recently announced a new feature, video intro, to help interviewers and candidates easily connect via video – a nifty tool in light of the recent COVID-19 lockdowns –  as well as the addition of an AI-powered assessment tool for people to rehearse and practice answers to job interview questions.

With video intro, employers can invite top candidates to answer up to two questions from a list of options including, “What’s your greatest strength?,” and “Describe your most challenging project.” Candidates then submit their answers via a short video recording or written response.

Whereas with the automated AI-feedback tool allows LinkedIn members to get a detailed assessment of their record-answer delivery within seconds, including notes on pacing or if the user inserts a disfluency. 

With pandemic lockdowns happening globally, both tools may be even more appropriate as companies move towards a more digitally-inclined society. Online job interviews may be the norm for some time at least. While the AI-powered feedback tool can prove useful in training without the need for physical contact, even outside of job interviews. For instance, companies may develop such AI tools to help train employees in their pitch or presentation skills. 

Disclaimer: Featured image taken from FortniteInsider.