Written by Ernie Sulastri, Marie Ng and Jeremy Lim.

TikTok now lets creators know why their videos are removed

TikTok has decided to be transparent with the creators on why their videos are removed from their platform. Not only does TikTok inform the user that it violated the “community guidelines”, TikTok also gives a clearer idea on how a creator posting irresponsibly and misused can lead to a breach in their policy. 

TikTok has been experimenting with the new notification system for several months and says that it has helped to reduce the amount of policy infringements and that appeals submission have decreased by 14%. In a blogpost, TikTok clarifies that, “Being transparent with our community is key to continuing to earn and maintain trust.” TikTok trusts that their policy drives to inspire creativity and bring joy around the world, but also to build a safe and supportive platform for the community. That being said, TikTok states, “They help us foster an inclusive and authentic community and define the kind of content and behavior that’s not allowed on our app.”


YouTube adds new updates to its playback options

YouTube has added new viewing tools that will make it easier to find specific parts of each video, change viewing format as you watch videos, and even bedtime reminders.

The first viewing tool would be allowing users to view the full list of chapters within a video by tapping or clicking on the chapter title of the video. This will allow users to preview a thumbnail of what the chapter is about, and thus be easier to find specific parts of each clip. This would be useful for marketers to pinpoint which types of content viewers are most interested in. 


Another update would be an easier way to access fullscreen mode by swiping up to access full screen mode, and swiping down to exit the video. This enhances playback mode as an alternative to the current way to tilt the phone to do so.

While YouTube has also added a BedTime Reminders option, which allows users to set view time limits for themselves, it also is slowly rolling out suggested prompts which will guide users to have a better viewing experience. These include prompts to rotate the phone, or play a video in VR.


Snapchat now lets you scan food and wine labels for nutritional information


Snapchat is extending its visual search features to scan and recognize labels on food and wine packaging. Its  in-app camera can now scan food and wine labels to reveal nutritional info and tasting notes. 

Simply point the camera at a barcode and Snapchat will display basic nutritional info as well as an analysis of comparable health provided by Yuka. Pointing the camera at a wine bottle label however, will show shoppers the prices, ratings and tasting notes from wine app Vinino. 

While there are similar apps out there that already perform similar functions and capabilities, it is a first by a social media platform (Snapchat), to incorporate visual search for packaged food and wine.

Disclaimer: Featured image taken from NBC News.