Written by Joey Peng, Benn Tan and Erasmus William.

New on Twitter: Share your Tweets in Snapchat Stories, with Instagram integration also coming soon


Twitter announced a significant update today which provides more options for sharing tweet conversations.

Its iOS users will now be able to add tweets into their Snapchat snaps!

This is definitely something for users to rejoice about – the major social platforms don’t tend to collaborate with each other since their aim is to keep users within their own apps. However, tweets are shared everywhere regardless, and it makes logical sense for Twitter to enable expanded tweet sharing, with official linkage back to the app. This could help to drive more Snap users back to Twitter to view the original tweet thread.

It is fairly easy to share this tweet – the Snapchat icon now appears at the bottom of the share menu to create the sticker. Once shared, the Snap will link back to the Tweet on Twitter where you can see the whole conversation

The key here is that it will drive traffic back to Twitter, which provides increased functionality for tweet sharing, as well as a direct connection back to the app.

On top of this, Twitter is also supposedly expanding this functionality to Instagram, which could facilitate not just tweets in Stories stickers, but wholly new integration options that would enable direct sharing of Instagram posts to Twitter.

Definitely an interesting development that will benefit social media users – however, for now, the option is only available on iOS, with a limited group getting access to the Instagram sharing option.

LinkedIn Stories begins Ad Testings


LinkedIn has just announced that it has launched testing of ads within their LinkedIn Stories, not long after the release of the feature itself back in September. This new tool will enable marketers to utilize LinkedIn’s range of ad targeting tools and hone in on specific audiences, reaching them with both full-screen video and single image ad options.  

LinkedIn has mentioned that to date, they have had up to 600 participating advertisers activate campaigns with positive performances in clicks, views, and cost metrics; although no actual data has been provided. The launch of the LinkedIn Stories tool itself was said to have been “incredibly positive” and having “sparked hundreds and thousands of new conversations on the platform”. LinkedIn Stories Ad is said to be launched more broadly in 2021.

Snapchat announces new exploration of AR technology


Snapchat’s Lenses has always been a mainstay of the app’s overall experience. It is no surprise that development has been opened up to the wider Snapchat community.

Snapchat recently announced at Snapchat’s multi-day virtual event, Lens Fest, that the new 2021 fund of $3.5 million will be directed toward supporting Snapchat Lens creators and developers who are using the company’s Lens Studio tool to explore the use of AR technologies.

Today, Snap says there are tens of thousands of Lens Creators worldwide who have now made over 1.5 million Lenses to date which have been viewed more than a trillion times. 

These community-made lenses are now driving the majority of the growth in Lens views among Snapchat users, where the top Lenses can climb to billions of views.

From 2021, there is huge potential for AR and VR becoming mainstream over the next 10 years.

Disclaimer: Featured image taken from socialmediatoday.com.