We Are Social Asia Tuesday Tune-Up #450


Written by Fu YouQuan, Ryan Chua and Tricia Lee

TikTok partners Quizlet for digital education tools

The #LearnOnTikTok is a growing community made up of educators, professionals, and experts in their fields which garnered nearly 60 billion video views and counting. Now, TikTok is partnering with the popular online study platform, Quizlet, to add value to its app experience. More than the Renegade.

This integration allows creators to link Quizlet flash card study sets directly to their videos for interactive learning on the platform and integrate their teaching materials to reach out to students. Soon more options of “selecting creators”, “focused on learning” and “Informative content” will roll out on the app. 

With TikTok’s vast user base and a large supportive community of educators already using this platform to share content, more students can now tap in on this fun way of learning.

Chirp chirp, but make it a newsletter

After acquiring newsletter platform Revue recently, Twitter looks to be integrating newsletters into its offerings, according to a noted reverse engineer who dug into the website.

Features of the Revue model that Twitter looks to be bringing over include the ability to compose and schedule newsletters, embed tweets, import email lists, analyze engagement and earn money from paid followers.

With Twitter’s audio product (Twitter Spaces), there is an opportunity for newsletters publishers to connect with their readers/followers on a more direct basis.

Twitter is also lowering the fee it absorbs from paid newsletters to 5%. With the lowered fee (and hence more lucrative monetization potential), Twitter’s huge and established user base, and a newsletter platform developed for that purpose, this move represents a great deal of promise for micro influencers. For brands, the newsletter platform itself represents a new way to use Twitter to connect with audiences.

The US Inauguration meme that everyone is talking about

With the whole pandemic still going on, this is just the wholesome meme that we needed – Bernie Sanders sitting casually on a chair at the US Inauguration.

During the inauguration of Joe Biden, the iconic image of Bernie Sanders was snapped and the internet is all for it, and if you can’t get enough of it, Nick Sawhney developed a meme generator that allowed users to take Bernie and place him anywhere around the globe using Google Street View. 

Unfortunately, the site has now been archived because Nick was unable to cope with the API costs after garnering almost 10 million Bernie memes across the globe. In case you missed the fun, fret not, check out all the memes users created while the site was still up and running here.

On that note, Nick wasn’t the only one to come up with a plan to leverage this viral meme, here are some of our favourite ads from brands too.

1. IKEA – created an ad for a product they coined as – the BERNIE.

Source: Twitter

2. Etsy – played up on how people were also talking about his mittens too.

Source: Twitter

3. Circles Life – Singaporean telco company took the opportunity to use the meme in a more relatable context.

Disclaimer: Feature image taken from morningbrew.com