We Are Social Asia Tuesday Tune-Up #451


Written by Ai Yun Lee, Chingwee Tay and Lisa Ng

YouTube Refreshes Sports Platform as Demand for Sports Content Rises

The YouTube Sports platform was recently refreshed to provide a more all-encompassing, immersive destination for sports content. The platform is also expanding on its connected TV ad offerings to help brands reach sports fans, considering the rise in viewer interest in sports content on YouTube.

Watch time on TV screens of YouTube’s sports videos (excluding live content) increased by over 65% in 2020 as many people were stuck at home for long periods of time and looking for entertainment. Sports has become a key focus area for many, prompting the platform to refresh its dedicated sports site.

CAUTION: Has TikTok verified your video content?

If your video contains doubtful content, you may be dealt with a warning sign reading “Caution: Video flagged for unverified content.” This means that a fact-checker has looked through your video and wasn’t able to validate your content. A message will be sent to you informing you that your video contains dubious information and thus, the distribution of the video will be decreased. 

This new update from TikTok aims to prevent the spread of false information both on the platform and across all social media platforms. Fact checks on videos containing topics such as elections, vaccines and climate change will be more stringent irregardless of popularity. 

Also, for those sharers out there, an alert will pop up if you decide to re-share unverified videos. This aims to discourage the continuation of the sharing action but does not hinder the ability to share the video regardless.

Super Bowl LV Ad Round-up – The Ads Worth Not Skipping

This year’s Super Bowl touched down on February 4th, and along with it came our (ironically) favorite part of the nearly four hour show – the ads. 

Here are just some of our favorite Super Bowl ad wins from this year!

1. Bud Light Legends

With Budweiser skipping the airtime this year, Bud Light entered the game instead with an assembly of ‘legends’ featuring iconic faces like Post Malone and the Bud Light Knight. 

2. Amazon’s Big Game Commercial: Alexa’s Body

Amazon is known for featuring celebrity voices in their Alexa ads, and their Super Bowl debut for Echo, an Alexa-enabled smart device, was no different with Michael B Jordan taking on the role of the voice-enabled smart assistant.

3. Chipotle – Can a Burrito Change the World?

While most ads this year chose to feature celebrities, Chipotle opted instead for a strong messaging by covering the company’s sustainability efforts in a bid to change the World.

Disclaimer: Featured image taken from marketingland.com