We Are Social Asia’s Tuesday Tune Up


Twitter limits the number of tweets users can read per day

Twitter is putting limits on how many tweets its users can read. In a tweet, Twitter owner Elon Musk set out the new limits for users, saying that verified account holders will be able to view a maximum of 6000 posts daily, unverified users will only view 600 posts and newly registered, unverified users, 300. Following backlash, the new limits have been increased to 10,000, 1000 and 500 respectively.

TikTok’s new feature allows creators to make video ads for money

TikTok has announced the “TikTok Creative Challenge”, a new monetisation feature that allows creators to submit video ads to brand challenges and receive money based on video performance. The company is currently testing the feature with select brands.

As it stands, the eligibility requirements for the feature are users who are over 18 who have a US account with a minimum of 50k followers. Once enrolled in the TikTok Creative Challenge, creators will be able to browse through a list of challenges, view the reward pool and additional details and requirements.

Snapchat+ reaches 4 million paid subscribers

Snapchat+, the subscription service of Snapchat, has reached 4 million paid subscribers in the first year of launching. The company has announced two new features that subscribers will be able to access soon.

“Expressive Chat Messages” will let users send messages in bigger font sizes, and “Custom Chat Colors” will let users pick the colour that their name appears as in chats. At the moment, usernames appear in red by default on chats, but users will be able to change this with the new feature.

YouTube limits ad blocker usage in new test

YouTube is running a new experiment to limit usage on ad blockers by asking users to turn it off or buy a premium subscription after three videos. The warning shown to users using ad blocker says “video player will be blocked after 3 videos. It looks like you maybe using an ad blocker. Video playback will be blocked unless YouTube is allowlisted or the ad blocker is disabled.” This may encourage users to sign up to YouTube premium, which is free of ads. 

Meta and TikTok roll out new parental controls

Meta has announced new parental control tools across Instagram, Facebook and Messenger. This includes a new parental supervision hub in Messenger, a feature that pre-emptively blocks unwanted DMs on Messenger and Instagram, and reminds teens that they should take a break.

TikTok is bringing its content-filtering tool to its Family Pairing offering, which lets parents link their account to their teen’s to enable content and privacy settings.

In other news

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