We Are Social Asia’s Tuesday Tune Up


TikTok Shop launches in the US and creator fund expands 

TikTok is expanding its revamped creator fund, the “Creativity Program Beta,” to eligible creators in Brazil, France, Germany, Japan, Korea and the United Kingdom. The new program replaced TikTok’s Creator Fund and is designed to generate higher revenue and build more opportunities for creators. 

TikTok has also launched its e-commerce product, TikTok Shop, in the US. As part of the rollout, the company is bringing features such as a dedicated shop tab on the home screen, live video shopping, shoppable ads and affiliate programs for creators.

X launches account verification based on government ID

X has launched government ID-based account verification for paid users to prevent impersonation and give them “prioritised support”. X’s support page for verification suggests that, while ID verification is available in “numerous countries,” it is not available in the European Union (EU), the European Economic Area (EEA), and the United Kingdom. This is most likely because of the stringent data protection laws of the region.

Snapchat partners with MTV to let users vote for VMAs through Lenses

MTV has partnered with Snapchat to let users vote for a Video Music Awards category through Lenses, integrating AR-based experiences into the award show. Users will be able to vote on the Best New Artist once the three finalists are decided, using a Lens developed by Saucealitos to select an artist to vote. Whether these Snapchat votes will make a significant difference to voting is hard to say.

TikTok and Billboard team up to launch a top 50 song chart

Exciting news! Know those TikTok songs you can’t seem to get out of your head..but can’t manage to find elsewhere? TikTok and Billboard are partnering to launch an official TikTok Billboard Top 50 Chart that tracks the most popular songs on the app, so those catchy songs won’t get lost on your feed. The chart will measure the hottest songs on the platform each week based on the number of views, user engagement and how many videos are made using the song. As it stands, TikTok and Billboard will only monitor trending songs in the US.

The latest influencer marketing news

Creators are taking their online communities into real life as followers seek connection. TrovaTrip, a marketplace for creators looking to host vacations for their communities, has seen 2000% growth since the pandemic.

The National Football League is offering a group of creators access to NFL’s licensed footage so they can create original videos. Creators can earn money from those videos if they upload them to YouTube. “This is getting us back to a strategy in which we’re reaching younger fans on their terms,” Ian Trombetta, the NFL’s senior vice president of social and influencer marketing told Digiday.