We Are Social Asia’s Tuesday Tune Up

X tests $1/yr fee and plans other efforts to stop bots

X is going to charge users to $1 per year for its service – a move X owner Elon Musk has said will help the company combat bots and spam. X is now testing the fee in New Zealand and the Philippines, saying existing users won’t be affected. The fee is part of a broader plan to stop bots that may also include payment, phone and ID verification, in addition to traditional bot-catching methods involving heuristics.

Elon Musk has also said that X is going to launch two new premium tiers, confirming previous reports and code sightings. He said that one tier will cost lower than the current $8 per month plan, but won’t reduce ads, and the other tier will be a more expensive one, which will remove all ads. The current premium plan promises to show “half ads” to subscribers.

Meta is bringing broadcast channels to Facebook and Messenger

Meta is bringing its Telegram-like “broadcast channels” feature to Facebook and Messenger after rolling it out to Instagram and WhatsApp earlier this year. The feature lets creators and public figures share one-to-many messages to directly engage with their followers. With broadcast channels, only the creator of the channel can send messages, but viewers can react to messages and vote in polls. 

YouTube adds new creator-focused features for shoppable videos

YouTube is introducing new creator-focused features that will allow them to add timestamps to videos for their tagged products and tag their affiliate products in bulk across their video library. These additions will simplify the process of marketing products through YouTube videos and potentially increase sales, helping creators earn more money.

Snap brings AR to schools

Snap is bringing augmented reality into classrooms to help students better understand STEM lessons. Snap and partner Inspirit will create 25 AR Lenses and STEM curriculums that will be used by at least 50 schools across the United States next year. For example, one of the AR Lenses is designed to help students find the volume of a cylinder.

The latest influencer marketing news

Harvard has undertaken studies on leveraging TikTok creators to spread peer reviewed information rather than misinformation on mental health.

A new custom interactive report from Ad Age Studio 30 and Influential highlights 5 influencer campaigns and the best practices to be learned from each.

97% of creators in a recent survey are already using AI in their creative process, with 58% doing so by generating ideas and 31% in their video editing process.

In other news

Meta is displaying a new “For You on Threads” carousel on the Blue app. WhatsApp will now let users log into two accounts simultaneously. Snapchat is allowing websites to embed public content, including Lenses, Spotlight videos, Public Stories, and Public Profiles. X has introduced a custom Paris pink X icon exclusively for X Premium subscribers.