We Are Social’s Asia Tuesday Tuneup


TikTok creates a new app for Apple Vision Pro

If you have ever been in a room with someone on TikTok, you will know how all-consuming it can be. However, TikTok is taking this to a new, fully immersive level with the launch of its Apple Vision Pro app.

Image Credit: TikTok

In the TikTok Vision Pro app, users will be able to view everything, everywhere, all at once. The navigation bar and like button are moved off-screen, while the comment section and creator profiles appear as expansions on the side of the feed. For example, users can now watch a video while scrolling through comments without having their view cut off.

YouTube introduces new remix features in Shorts

YouTube is introducing the ability for users to “remix” a music video in Shorts, with new tools: “Collab”, “Green Screen”, “Cut” and “Sound”. 

Image Credit: YouTube

The “Collab” tool lets users display a music video alongside their own video, while the “Green Screen” tool uses the music video as the background to a Short. The “Cut” tool takes a five-second clip of a music video and adds it to the user’s own Shorts. And the “Sound” tool allows creators to take just the sound from a music video and use it in their Short.

In other news

Meta is testing ‘Meta Verified’ comment filtering on Instagram. X is looking to add Grok chatbot summaries of trending topics. Pinterest adds new collaboration tools to its Business Manager. Instagram is testing carousel posts within reels. Instagram is testing new hashtag limits. Facebook Live has added a number of new options for comment moderation. Threads are testing a fact check feature.