We Are Social’s Asia Tuesday Tuneup


YouTube requires creators to label ‘realistic’ AI generated content 

AI generated content is increasingly common on social, and YouTube is the latest platform to announce changes to the ways it’s labelled. The video platform now requires creators to disclose when ‘realistic’ content – ie something viewers could mistake for a real person, place or event –  is made with altered or synthetic media, which includes generative AI. There will be a new tool in Creator Studio to facilitate this. With deepfakes posing a risk to democracy in a year of multiple global elections, content transparency on social is a key priority for platforms. 

TikTok announces changes to enable smoother shopping experiences

TikTok has announced a number of updates to its advertising and shopping offerings. Speaking at commerce event ShopTalk, a spokesperson for the app said it was working towards the goal of “creating the most seamless shopping experience possible for users to discover and purchase products.” The latest updates include allowing retailers run Video Shopping Ads in search results, and integrating them with catalogues so a wider range of products can be displayed. TikTok also announced new ways to place Shop Ads within TikTok Shop, instead of appearing in the main TikTok feed. 

Threads updates: fediverse and trending topics 

Threads has given a demo of how users will eventually be able to connect their accounts and posts to the fediverse – a group of decentralized social networks aiming to become interoperable with one another. Threads users will be able to head to their account settings and toggle on an option called “fediverse sharing.” Meta will then show a pop-up explaining what exactly the fediverse is, along with some disclaimers. Check it out in the video below. 

In other news for Threads, it’s rolling out its “trending now” feature to all users in the US bringing it even further in line with competitor X’s offering. The system will take a number of different factors into account, such as how many people are talking about a given topic and how many users have engaged with posts on that same topic. However, Threads will only display five trending topics at a time.

Snapchat launches sponsored AR filters 

Snapchat will allow advertisers to create branded augmented reality filters on the platform. The new Sponsored AR Filters enable brands to create AR overlays that can be added to Snaps after a photo or video is captured, before it’s shared. Advertisers can upload existing assets and build filters from templates including AR face filters, location-based overlays, countdown timers and quiz generators.

Facebook brings back poking 

Been poked on Facebook recently? You’re not alone! The retro feature is having a bit of a resurgence thanks to a push from the platform, by improving suggestions on who to poke and making it easier to find the poking page through search. And if you’re concerned about inappropriate poking, you don’t need to speak to HR just yet – while poking used to be perceived as a ‘flirty’ action, it’s now being reframed as an easy way to say hi to a friend. 

In other news

WhatsApp now allows users to pin up to three messages in a chat; Instagram has changed the way hashtags work in search and launched its ads with promo codes; TikTok’s Creator Reward Program has now officially launched; Threads tests swiping feature.