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Five Friday Facts #39

8.7% Facebook accounts are fake, but that’s still 872 million genuine users Facebook reported this week that 8.7% of its 955 million active accounts are illegitimate, which is about 83 million accounts. The company filings reported that 4.8% of its membership figure were duplicate profiles, 2.4% were misclassified accounts, and the remaining 1.5% of users were categorised as “undesirable”. Facebook has also acknowledged that its figures are based […]

We Are Social Asia Tuesday TuneUp #39

Sina Weibo launches discussion forums Challenging China’s popular Tieba discussion platform run by the nation’s largest search engine Baidu, microblogging service Sina Weibo has launched its own forum called ‘Weiba‘. Following Sina’s extended features – Tumblr-like blogs and social gaming – Sina Weibo has diversified once again with Weiba. However, with the discussion forum, Sina has a bigger responsibility in terms of […]

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