Snap Safe: Stay Back, Save Lives

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Snap Safe video case study

The Brief

We knew the importance of practising safe social distancing, and it was highlighted even more when the United Nations released their global call for creatives to save lives and fight the spread of coronavirus. The official guidance was to stay home and avoid gathering in groups or with people who were more vulnerable.


We noticed that a number of people were either flouting that advice or taking extreme measures to protect themselves so we wanted to do something about it. We focused on Snapchat’s audience of largely millennials and Gen Z, to educate their reach of 218 million people every day on how to practice safe social distancing in real-time.


Rather than just talking at them, or down to them, we created a Snap Safe Lens with AR proximity technology to enable them to see and engage with the 2-metre safe zone while they’re out and about for essential trips.

We submitted Snap Safe to the UN creative challenge and to scale it further we will be developing the next iteration for Instagram Filters, built on a completely different codebase.

Targeting people in locations where social distancing matters most was crucial, so we wanted to geotarget supermarkets with ads directing their customers to protect themselves with our AR Lens. Our strategically placed OOH campaign targeting digital billboards outside UK supermarkets ensured people stayed safe whilst in store.


100k people social distancing

In the first 7 days of launch, 500,000 people viewed the lens and 100,000 used it.

Gained earned media

Lad Bible loved the lens so much they put it on their Snapchat discover page, driving a whole lot of media coverage.

Kept people safe

Most importantly, we showed a Gen Z and Millennial audience how to practise safe social distancing in order to save lives.


Campaign, 3 Apr 2020

We Are Social deploys Snap AR lens to help people with social distancing. Agency team in London designed app in response to last week’s UN brief.

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Campaign of the World, 3 Apr 2020

We Are Social has launched Snap Safe Lens on Snapchat to maintain physical distance

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