A few hours ago, data from SocialBakers showed that Facebook users in Asia now exceed a quarter of a billion - more than any other continent:

This growth means that Asian users now account for well over a quarter of Facebook's population:

These stats are interesting enough for marketers in Asia, but the most exciting part of the story lies in the potential for continued growth in Asia; while 251 million users is already a sizeable total, this figure represents fewer than 1 in 14 of the region's residents:

It's unlikely that Facebook's penetration in Asia will remain this low for long though; the 3-month growth rates across the region indicate that the platform is adding well in excess of 10 million new users every month:

With Facebook still blocked in China, it's unclear whether the world's favourite social network will ever achieve full global domination, but with numbers like these, it's clear that there's still plenty of momentum left in the Facebook juggernaut.